Przejście Dialogu / Passage of Dialogue

Przejście Dialogu (Passage of Dialogue) is a municipal public space for meetings and social activities in the heart of Wrocław. We invite residents and new inhabitants to participate in cultural, integration and educational events. We host an information point and educational activities for newcomers to Wrocław.

Since 2021, Przejście Dialogu is a space of activities supporting intercultural dialogue in our city. In Przejście, there are spaces for workshop and training activities, a debate room for meetings in a larger group, as well as consultation stands.

Events and activities

Currently, educational and integration activities are carried out here for residents, in particular children, youth and adults arriving as a result of the conflict in Ukraine. Activities are organised in cooperation with UNICEF and non-governmental organisations, but not only. Przejście Dialogue is a place open to everyone, who would like to take part in a debate, training or a film screening. We encourage inhabitants to organise their own non-profit activity for the community of Wrocław.

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Infopoint for migrants and refugees

In Przejście Dialogu, the members of the WroMigrant Infopoint for Refugees and Migrants and partner organisations provide consultations to newcomers in Wrocław. Everyone can receive information and support regarding e.g. legalisation of stay, work permits or life in Wrocław (free of charge). Since February 24, 2022, Przejście Dialogu was the main city information point for refugees from Ukraine.

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