Wrocław Strategy for Intercultural Dialogue 2018-2022

Strategy for the Intercultural Dialogue in Wrocław

The "Strategy for the Intercultural Dialogue in Wrocław" Programme for the years 2018-2022 constitutes the answer to the challenges and social needs arising from the increasing participation of foreigners in the social and economic life of Wrocław. Various dimensions of community life are creating a network of mutual relations between the inhabitants
of Wrocław and various communities including representatives of ethnic minorities, migrants, and refugees living in Wrocław, who we consider as our neighbours. Multiculturalism can be a new experience for the citizens of Wrocław and for those coming to Wrocław.

That is why it is so important to create conditions for creating new bonds and increasing intercultural competencies, which are essential aspects of mutual understanding, coexisting, and cooperation. Accepting and appreciating the values that other cultures bring remains in strict correlation with knowing and understanding your own cultural identity.

All those elements constitute a potential for the further development of the city, and the citizens have a chance to participate in this important life stage of our community. Local authorities must seek new tools that can reinforce the actions of the city’s administrative units in the area of executing the most important task of local authorities – satisfying the needs of the community. It results in the necessity of building new programs and tools that provide the answer to the new challenges.

The Strategy contains the vision of Wrocław as a community of citizens who live in mutual respect, regardless of their origins, culture, language, or religion. In order to make this vision come true, four areas of needs (Education, Integration, Security, and Cooperation) have been distinguished during conducted analyses, research, and consultations, and each of those areas has strategic goals (figure below).
Those goals are interchangeable and create one coherent whole.

Execution of the EDUCATION strategic goal is directed at increasing intercultural competencies for citizens of Wrocław within four areas: knowledge, skills, attitude and reaction. We want to provide access to multi-dimensional education for every single person in Wrocław. Development of social competences is an essential part of integration processes. Taking various actions in favour of equalizing educational chances serves the purpose of strengthening self-esteem, creating an open attitude and helping citizens to establish relations (between foreigners and the receiving society).

The INTEGRATION strategic goal plays a key role in the integration of foreigners and receiving society in order to achieve harmony and social consistency in respect of preserving national, ethic and religious identity. We want every person in Wrocław to feel as a part of the community. That’s why we consider taking action to support integration processes, which constitute the foundation of social development and building a sense of social belonging, to be of key importance.

Execution of the SECURITY strategic goal is directed at integration and development of actions leading to reinforce safety in the city.

The COOPERATION strategic goal is directed at the development of cooperation and supporting the process of communication within the area of intercultural actions conducted in the city. We want to simplify the participation of people interested in the organisation of intercultural actions in Wrocław by supporting communication processes and creating new tools.