UMP Comission for Migration and Integration

Members of the Intercultural Dialogue team participate in meetings and works of the Union of Polish Metropolises (UMP) - Working Group for Migration and Integration.

The Union of Polish Metropolises was established in 1990 on the initiative of the Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw, to implement the partnership of the capital of the Republic of Poland with other major Polish cities, in order to strengthen the position of our country in Europe and in the world.

Since 1993, UMP has been in the form of a foundation. Its Council consists of presidents of 12 central cities of Polish metropolises.

We represent Wrocław within the scope of partnerships on projects:

"How to get along - School of Intercultural Assistants"

Organisation of the School of Intercultural Assistants in Bielsko-Biała, implemented under a partnership agreement with the Society of Friends of Biesko-Biała and Podbeskidzie, financed under the Active Citizens Fund. The task of WCRS is to share experience in the field of supporting intercultural dialogue in schools and to organise study visits to Wrocław institutions and schools for project coordinators. This meeting was organized on November 17-18, 2021. On On February 22, 2022, an online seminar was organised with the participation of Wrocław experts on intercultural dialogue in schools, especially preparatory classes.

"Migrants' integration through education"

Project under the European Erasmus Plus programme. The project leader is Charles University in Prague, WCRS is a partner of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. The project aims to provide practitioners working with migrants (public authorities, NGOs, etc.) with innovative tools for communicating with migrants, in particular digital and communication tools. As a result, practitioners will gain knowledge on effective ways of communicating with migrants, and migrants, thanks to efficient communication, will have easier access to information necessary for everyday life in a new country.