Project WroMigrant in 2023 – report of activities

Zdjęcie przedstawia publikację leżącą na stole. W lewym dolnym rogu znajduje się roślna ozdobna.

Over 3,500 consultations, 70 organised events, and over 7,500 individuals provided with information and support – the year 2023 was fruitful and hard-working for consultants at the WroMigrant Municipal Information Point for migrants and refugees. The team has just published an official report on its activities in the past year.

The publication “WroMigrant Statistical Report for 2023” was created based on statistics of conducted activities, as well as on the results of the anonymous satisfaction questionnaire

completed by the point’s clients. The report includes information on the number of people provided with personal and online information consultations, as well as on the most popular topics of workshops and info sessions organised by the point’s employees and partners, e.g.: the Lower Silesian Voivodeship Labour Office, the National Labour Inspectorate and the Wrocław Institute of Culture.

The situation of migrants and refugees in Wrocław in 2023

The collected data allowed us to outline the profiles of the largest groups of beneficiaries of the point according to gender, nationality, and reasons for migration to Poland and Wrocław, as well as to identify the key needs of each group. Daria Mymka, one of the authors, explains why the report was created: “In the first weeks after the full-scale Russian aggression in Ukraine in 2022, the number of people turning to WroMigrant increased dramatically. We realised the importance of systematising knowledge about clients’ needs and inquiries to effectively tailor our offer and also wanted to receive feedback. Today, after a full year of keeping statistics, we have concluded that gathered and analysed data can also be useful for other organisations and municipal units as a valuable source on the situation and needs of migrants and refugees in Wrocław.

Who were the beneficiaries of WroMigrant in 2023?

In 2023, the majority of those who sought support from WroMigrant were Ukrainians who had arrived after February 2022, accounting for approximately 60% of beneficiaries. WroMigrant consultations have helped more than 6,000 individuals from 56 different countries, with the majority being citizens of Ukraine (68.7%) and Belarus (18.7%), as well as Turkey, Russia, India, and other nations. Irrespective of one’s nationality or reason for coming to Wroclaw, the primary concerns of inquiries were related to matters such as legalising their stay and work, crossing borders, or obtaining UKR status. 8,5%, of all clients were 60 years old or above.

From information to integration

In 2023, the WroMigrant team worked intensively to prepare a permanent programme of activities, which focused not only on providing information support to migrants but also on enabling quicker adaptation and smooth integration, so that our city quickly becomes their home.

The consultants observe that more than half of their clients come back with new inquiries, which indicates a high level of trust and satisfaction with the service. To confirm this statement, the consultants cite the results of an anonymous opinion survey.“Over 98% of our clients declared that they were „very satisfied” or „satisfied” with the consultation they received. At the same time, over 91% of our customers assessed the information provided to them as 100% useful. The trust given requires us to provide a service of even higher quality. Our approach involves attending expert trainings, analysing legal changes, and updating every piece of information. We make an effort to keep up-to-date to provide our clients with reliable information, empower them, counteract disinformation, and spot potential fraud before it occurs.– claims Valentyna Maiurchenko, WroMigrant consultant.

We invite you to read the “WroMigrant Statistical Report for 2023”, which is available for download in the Publications .


WroMigrant – a municipal information point for migrants and refugees, is a project of the Wroclaw Center for Social Development established in Wroclaw in 2013 (until 2020 under the name Infolink). WroMigrant is the only municipal point in Poland for migrants and refugees, where they can receive free information on legalisation of stay and work, international protection, as well as on handling official matters (residence registration, PESEL number, driving license, car registration, fiscal declaration (PIT), social welfare, etc.), everyday matters (education, health care, Polish language courses, and others). Consultants also advise on how to dive into Wroclaw’s socio-cultural offer, how to improve mental health, and how to spend good time at artistic or integration activities. WroMigrant is also a bridge between city institutions, non-governmental organisations, and migrant communities. More information about the activities of the Wromigrant team you can find on internet page

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